Blogging Tips from I2S

“How often should I post to my blog?”


That is one of the most popular questions I am asked when meeting with a client. The abbreviated answer is, as often as possible. It appears that the jury is out on this question and the answers you will find on the internet (and here) will vary from the extreme to the minimalistic. So how do you decide how often is too often or not enough?

The first step is to understand what is the need for your blog. Is it to promote a website, service, product, or event? Maybe you just want to express yourself, talk about your travels, family, or more. After you determine the purpose of the blog start thinking about you first 3 posts. Make some notes about what you will write, maybe you’ll want to add images, references or otherwise. Once you have compiled all the parts, you can begin to write.

Next step is decide the frequency that you will post to your blog, so ask yourself the following questions…

  1. How often would you want to read your blog?
  2. Can you provide new “fresh” content for each post?; will it be an ongoing series, such as Part 1?
  3. Is you content engaging?
  4. Is your content relevant and informative?
  5. Can you post be short and to the point?
  6. Is you content time sensitive such as for a promotion or event?

So, how did you do? Were you able to say yes to questions 2, 3 & 4? If not, you may not be ready for blogging yet. The best blogs contain information that people want to know and learn about. Compelling, informative, engaging content is what your readers will want and if provided to them, they will return for more, and even better, subscribe to your blog so they receive notice of updates that you post.

I didn’t really ever answer the question of frequency did I? Well by now you realize that frequency is related to the content of your blog. If you can provide fresh new content daily, then go ahead and post everyday.

When discussing this topic with clients I usually recommend to start yourself off with a blog post every other day up to 3 per week. Review any comments you receive on each post and by doing so you can gauge if your visitors would be want or benefit from more or less posts.

Keep in mind that short, to the point, creative and informative posts will gain the most readership. Adding analytical is another good way to gauge your visitors. By comparing the new vs. returning viewers, the amount of time they spend on your site and the amount of pages (posts) visited you will gain greater insight into the content your viewers like to read and again decide if there is a need to increase or decrease the frequency.

Good luck to you and remember that Image2Site is a full service website design, hosting and management firm. We focus on the small business Owner and provide honest, reliable service at an affordable price. Complete our Contact Form to obtain more information on how we can help you establish your web presence.

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