How do I get quality backlinks to my website?

That is surely one of the top questions when discussing SEO with clients. For years we have been told that backlinks are so important to our ranking with search engines.

Why is this?back links

Search engines view backlinks as a trust and relevant relationship between the websites. When the website linking in to yours is well ranked with search engines, the backlink will help your ranking. It is important not to fall for the many internet offers to provide 100’s of quality backlinks for a just a few dollars. You don’t know the quality of these links and they could hurt your ranking instead of helping. The other issue is that the search engines are smart, they know when something strange is happening, such as a new website with 2 backlinks growing to 400 in a matter of days. Not worth the money as in the end you may have to start all over again.

So how do get quality backlinks, relevant to our business and customers. There are many ways to go about this and one popular and good way is join a link exchange service. Some services are automatic and some you can go through a vetting process to ensure that linking sites are relevant to your business. Of course you can always do it yourself, but who has time for that right? Actually, we do!

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