Drones for Marketing

Drones, Drones, Dronz… We are seeing drones being used for marketing, news, sports, recreation and more. Have you considered using aerial photography or videography in your marketing, for your website, or part of your daily business? Image2Site now provides drone services to enhance your website and business marketing by offering a view from above in both video and photos.

Consider this scenario… Your a real estate agent in a very competitive market offering homes in the $500,000 and above category. Clients are sophisticated, successful and just too busy to spend time viewing home after home that don’t meet their wish list. Your listings have 15-20 images of the property, but for some reason the phone is just not ringing. What are you not doing that your competition is? They are incorporating video and photos from drones into their listings! Drone imaging provides potential clients with the ability to see the home, inside and out, as well as, the surrounding property without ever leaving their computer. Boom! The phone starts to ring because they see what they want before they ever get into a car.

How much does it cost? Much less than loosing the sale to another agent. With Image2Site you can choose from several packages that include just photos or photos and video. We provide high resolution still images that can be used for marketing materials and websites. Our video is HD and can be purchased in 720, 1080 or 4K versions based on your use and need.

Contact Image2Site to day to discuss our drone aerial photography and videography services. We also offer inspection and event services. Contact us today.