Drop Shipping has become one of the most popular ways for work form home businesses to get started selling on the internet. With the ability to offer 1000's of brand name products on your website without the costs involved in stocking, packing and shipping the products, drop shipping is favored by many new and experienced internet retailers.  With drop shipping, the seller needs only to load the product images and descriptions provided by the supplier, to their website along with pricing and they are ready to begin selling.

Sounds to easy?  Well your right, as simple as we make the process sound, there is much more to it.  Where do you find the drop ship partners, what products do you sell, how do you set the pricing, how do you handle sales tax, ship fees, international shipping, and so much more.  This is how our experience can help you. Image2site can work with you to choose products, locate the best provider, competitively price products, load images and descriptions, set up your checkout process, and handle the details that are too many to list here. Use our contact form to obtain for more information or click to send an email.  We'd love to here from you!

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[edit] Procedure. Some drop shipping retailers may keep “display items” on display in stores, so that customers can inspect an item similar to those that they can purchase. Other retailers may provide…

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