social media

Are you using Social Media to grow your business?

As a successful business owner you understand the value in networking. Networking can bring to you new business, new vendors & suppliers, or even introduce you to training tools to help better your business.
Think of social networking as an extension to your business network. The use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help to expand your customer base, provide new channels to sell your service or product through and most importantly drive traffic to your website.

The trend in 2013 is towards image based social networking. This is best seen with the rise of 2 popular social sites Pinterest and Tapiture. The basic idea behind the image based social sites is for users to “Pin” or “Tap” their favorite books, pictures, vacation spots, products, or almost anything else. This pinning or tapping of products can help build brand recognition, and increase sales for the brick and mortar retailer.

Ok, I get it, but how does this my online business? In several ways is the short answer. First and foremost when a user “pins” or “taps” your web site, or online store this creates a backlink from the social site to your website. Backlinks are very important when it comes to ranking with the popular search engines. In plain terms, a backlink from site A to your website tells the search engine that your site is trusted by site A. The more quality backlinks you have to your website, the better you can rank.

We will discuss backlinks, generating backlinks and the difference between quality and bad backlinks in an upcoming blog post.For now you can gan some very good information from The Ahrefs provides the ability to enter your website address and receive information on your backlinks as well as other useful information to help you with your SEO. Oh, and by the way, now that we have put the link on this page to Ahrefs, we have just given them a quality backlink. Yes, it is that simple.

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